IR54: If Thomas Sankara & Fela Kuti were here, they would say: FREE WEST PAPUA.

New 5 track I.R. release in support of West Papua liberation movement.






Displacement • Ukweli Mix
Dhangsha 10" inch vinyl edit feat. Indigenous Resistance.





West Papua Resurge: Thomas Sankara & Fela Kuti Would Say Free West Papua Mix

Indigenous Resistance & Dhangsha feat. King Raab.





West Papua 2019 • Extended Version

Indigenous Resistance & Dhangsha.





Sankara Future Dub Resurgence:
Two Thousand Seasons Dub





Indigenous Resistance: Free West Papua F...k Babylon

Adrian Sherwood Mix

Feat. Dhangsha and Sun J





Displacement: Carlo Ertola Amharic Acapella Vocal
10 inch version 




Displacement: Indigenous Resistance English Acapella Vocal
10 inch version 




Displacement: Carlo Ertola Amharic Acapella Vocal
12 inch version 




Displacement: Indigenous Resistance English Acapella Vocal
12 inch version 








Carlo Ertola


Kabaka Klacity Labartin

King Raab

Ras Charles

Ras Isaac

​​​​​​​Sun J




Special appearances by: 

Krikati and West Papua resistance fighters

Nina (Indonesia)


With mixes by: 

Adrian Sherwood





Mastering by: 



Ron Murphy


Thanks to Prasonik for the copy editing.



Kabaka Klacity and Ras Isaacs. Uganda, Africa. IR54: If Thomas Sankara & Fela Kuti were here, they would say FREE WEST PAPUA!

Kabaka Klacity and Ras Isaacs. Uganda, Africa.





1. Displacement (Ukweli Mix)

In memory of Greg YoungIng.


This track features Ethiopian Amharic singing by Carlo Ertola recorded at CE Studios Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (@carloertola / #makingdreamshappen). Engineered by Carlo Ertola. Thanks to Abeba Fantahun for the Amharic language translation assistance and Giovanna De Franco for the wonderful hospitality. Music composed, recorded and mixed by Ukweli in Toronto, Canada. Words & music two-track mix and edit by Dhangsha done in U.K. Mastered by Sean Savage at in Canada. Dub thanks to Prasonik for the dub linkage with Curtis Smith aka Ukweli and Tapedave for the file relaying across borders.




We send this out to the people of West Papua

who are experiencing current modern day colonisation

Indonesian transmigration


Let's rewind in time

When our melanin

became a synomn for evil

under those who would have us despise ourselves

To further their own selfish methods of






From this poison there was no rapid wake up

Abandoned abundance

Life turned into ever sharper cruelties


We see you


Those with fidelity to those who spit on you

Dirtied with the ash of the oppressors context

Those who killed their own mind


Were spared their body

A people deaf to purpose are lost


From Maafa to present day Chagos islands

The poison still continues today

West Papua Highlanders suffer

As phosphorus dropped from the air


Our ancestors cry out


Where are the guardians of the way

Where is the respect for life today


The way is creation

Avoiding the temptations to just become takers


Reciprocity the key word in any deed

Healers seers imaginers rememberers utterers

called to link memory with prophecy


Called to pass on the truth of our origins

Called to transmit dub visions of purpose

to those struggling for survival


The way is creation


The beautiful music of revolt

The utterers transmitting seen visions of purpose

Midnight voices from the source



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2. West Papua Resurge: Thomas Sankara & Fela Kuti Would Say Free West Papua Mix


Vocals in French by King Raab. Recorded in Burkina Faso. Vocals in Indonesian Bahasa language by Nina. Her vocals translated mean "Free West Papua". Mastering by Dhangsha (UK) and Ramjac (UK) at HMVS. Lyrics by Indigenous Resistance.




Mes larmes coulent, car en 2019,

je dois signaler que la Papouasie occidentale

est toujours colonisée.


400 000 papous occidentaux

tués par l'armée indonésienne.


Leurs terres sacrées sont exploitées

et détruites par des activités minières

qui ne profitent qu'aux multinationales

et au gouvernement indonésien,

mais pas à l'Ouest local papoues.

Des brutalités policières et militaires

toujours répandues, des actes de torture,

l'utilisation d'armes chimiques.


Les habitants de la Papouasie occidentale

continuent de manifester et de résister.

et nous disons ceci: si Fela Kuti

et Thomas Sankara étaient là, ils diraient

la Papouasie occidentale libre.

My tears flow, because in 2019,

I must point out that West Papua

is still colonized.


400,000 Western Papuans killed

by the Indonesian army.


Their sacred lands are mined and

destroyed by mining activities that

benefit only the multinationals and

the Indonesian government,

but not the local West Papuans.

The police and military brutalities

still widespread, the acts of torture,

the use of chemical weapons.


The people of West Papua continue to
demonstrate and resist. and we say this:
if Fela Kuti and Thomas Sankara were there,
they would say free West Papua.



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3. West Papua 2019 (Extended Version)


Electronic programming by Dhangsha. Additional experimental ambient sounds recorded by Kabaka Klacity Labartin and Ras Charles at Miami Beach, Lake Nalubaale, Uganda. Words by Indigenous Resistance. Mixed by Dhangsha in U.K. 

Mastering by Dhangsha (UK) and Ramjac at HMVS (UK).




Fast forward to 2019 and the genocide and exploitation of the natural resources of west Papua continues. Illegal logging is rife, and the world's largest gold and copper mine, Freeport, has caused such permanent environmental devastation to sacred lands that it is visible from space.


Who is profiting from this?


Certainly not the local west Papuans who still live in economic poverty. The answer lies with companies including Freeport, Rio Tinto and BP – and, of course, the Indonesian government.


When West Papua was colonised by Indonesia in the early 1960s, Indonesia quickly awarded the rights to the US company Freeport-McMoRan (under the guidance of Henry Kissinger, who later joined Freeport's board). No international journalists are allowed into West Papua. No foreign non-government organisations are allowed. No outside observers are allowed. Only the presence of phones with cameras in some instances have allowed the documentation of many atrocities. And the murder torture and arrest of those protesting the Indonesian colonisation of West Papua continues to be constant.


White phosphorus–a banned chemical weapon was used in December 2018 by the Indonesian military in West Papua. White phosphorus burns skin and flesh, down to the bone. In December, Indonesian helicopters dropped white phosphorus on four villages in West Papua’s highlands. atrocities. This occurred days after Indonesia arrested more than 500 people, reportedly including Indonesian supporters at West Papua independence rallies across the archipelago.


There have been documented cases which reflects a widespread pattern of violence, alleged arbitrary arrests and detention as well as methods amounting to torture used by the Indonesian police and military in Papua.


 400,000 West Papuans have been killed by the Indonesian army. Despite the brutality of the Indonesian response  which has often resulted in deaths of protesters West Papuans and their supporters continue to protest and resist!



African Dub Museum recording session, Uganda, África.

Ras Charles.

The wire dub cutter crew in action.

Ras Kilomo and Ras Isaacs.

Ras Isaacs.

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4. Sankara Future Dub Resurgence: Two Thousand Seasons Dub


Percussion by Ras Isaac. Vocals by Kabaka Labartin Klacity. Recorded at the Dub Museum in Kampala. Sound engineers Ras Charles and Ras Isaac. Mastered by Ramjac at HMVS U.K.








We give deep dub thanks to Nina the Indonesian sistren for the vocals  & translation of "Free West Papua" that was recorded for the track, the sistren Her△n  for the dub she contributed to this creation. Also, the author Ayi Kwei Armah who wrote a classic book, "Two Thousand Seasons." You can purchase the book here from the author's own publishing house:



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5. Indigenous Resistance: Free West Papua F...k Babylon (Adrian Sherwood Mix)


Includes vocals by the Krikati people of Brazil and West Papua resistance fighter. Track edit by Rafu. Mixed at On U Sound studio, U.K. Music by Dhangsha & Sun J. This mix was originally released as an IR3 7 inch vinyl in 2002. It was originally mastered in Detroit by the late Ron Murphy who was responsible for mastering lots of the great techno records from Detroit including Underground Resistance records. Remastered by Ramjac at HMVS in U.K.





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Poster and Arts




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IR55: Sankara Dub Resurgence • Drawing On Ancestral Knowledge. 


A new four track mini album with over twenty minutes of music. 

[Novo mini-álbum com quatro faixas e mais de vinte minutos de música].


IR55: Sankara Dub Resurgence • Drawing On Ancestral Knowledge. 








Download the album dedicated for the vistory of ethipiopian warriors on Adwa battle (1896), A I.R. contribution to fueling the spirit of resistance around the world. (Baixe o álbum dedicado à vitória dos guerreiros etíopes na batalha de Adwa (1839), Uma contribuição I.R. para fomentar o espírito de resistência ao redor do mundo).








Download the tune recorded from original 7" vinyl. (Baixe a música gravada diretamente do vinil de 7"). 











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