Dubdem Music



Music and conscience of reality are potence to change this reality.





Music to feel irie, dance and think.



Dubdem Music is a sub label dedicated to the production of reggae music, it's off shoots as well as other musical styles.


Reggae is our great inspiration but our main purpose behind the Dubdem label really is that of experimentation. Experimenting with Reggae but also involving all musical possibilities in our sonic explorations. Mixing the ancient with the contemporary. Exploring and creating in a musical universe that has no frontiers, no artifical borders created by limiting definitions of "genres". 


Dubdem Music is a platform for musical production. Our focus is mainly on independent artists especially those who are doing socially conscious music. We hope to be a source to nurture new voices who are aware of the great power music has to influence.


Since 1996 we have been connected with the label of the global collective TFTT/IR and in 2007 we collaborated with them in the release of three 7 inch inch vinyl records that were pressed at Tuff Gong in Jamaica. They were for the project "Galdino: Pataxo Warrior" which are available for download in Dubdem Soundcloud.

In 2017 we are conspring with IR in the creation of new music for a project inspired by "Ethiopia Dub Journey". Soon to be released it will feature musicians from Colombia, UK, Jamaica, Turtle Island, France.


In Jamaica since 2009 we have been connected with the label Power Records in Negril and it's principal artist Karubel.Together we have produced more than ten Soundsystem duplates and also acted as executive producer for tracks.


In 2018 with the reactivation of Dubdem Music new productions, experiments and tracks are being produced. Stay tuned for news! Forward!




Experimentation, Hybridism, Contemporaneity
I.R. Free Dub & Dubdem


 IR11   IR12    IR13  


Tunes produced by Indigenous Resistance, Dubdem Música and Zumbi Music for FreeDub/I.R. Released on 2007 as a limited edition 7 inch vynil, now available for free download.